Services for Public and Private Healthcare

Comprehensive management of medical equipment and testing laboratories.

The technical staff is responsible for routine and non-routine maintenance, testing, reconditioning, verification and transfer of installations and equipment found in public and private hospitals and nursing homes.

Our services

The technicians of ravi Srl are able to solve any technical problems and provide valuable support for the complete management of medical, electro-medical and testing laboratory equipment, even in the case of very complex applications.


Validation of sterilisation processes within central sterile services departments in hospitals, nursing homes and testing laboratories

Haemodialysis equipment

Maintenance, control and management of haemodialysis equipment found in public and private hospitals and nursing homes

Laboratory testing

Air quality monitoring and compliance of equipment in testing laboratories

Anti-legionella water sanitising

Activity of chemical, physical and biological analysis of Water and Air samples for public and private facilities

HVAC and environmental air treatment

Revi is aimed at ISO 9001 and ACCREDIA certified Laboratories performing chemical, physical and bacteriological Analysis activity

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